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Sideswipe Was Here

This weekend we enjoyed watching Sideswipe on our full proscenium stage in the Empire Ballroom.  It was a great show.  These kids are pretty phenomenal at what they do!  The picture was shot from the stage before the troupe arrived.  Every one of those seats were full of fans!

Little Room (That Could)

With an open floor plan and French doors extending onto the garden patio…the Redwood Room is quickly becoming one of our most popular rooms.  Our new patio umbrellas offer shade and ambiance for an outdoor soirée.

North, South or Central? Good Gazebo Question

We used to refer to our North Gazebo as Large and our South Gazebo as Small, but since we built a new one and moved one, we now refer to them by location. 

While our smallest gazebo is often times used as a photographic opportunity, we are hopeful that it will be used for an intimate garden ceremony soon… thus becoming our new Central Gazebo.